Meet the Designer

MarlaMarla Salezze is a jewelry designer and teacher of bead weaving. Her original beadwork designs have been published in Bead & Button, Beadwork, Beading Daily, Step by Step Wire and Cloth, Paper, Scissors Magazines. She is on the Nunn Design Innovations Team and a member of the Bead Society of Eastern Pennsylvania. Contact her and purchase kits for her projects at

I've been making beaded jewelry since elementary school. While I enjoyed embarking on all types of arts and crafts in my youth, it was my beading craft that grew with me into adulthood. My passion and interest in beaded design fueled my desire to learn and create new techniques and methods of incorporating beads and other findings into works of wearable art. From the beginning, the process of interweaving loose beads with a needle and thread into a finished piece of jewelry has always been magical for me. Being able to create a concrete object inspired by my imagination confirms the individual creative spirit within me.  I define the lengthy and repetitive nature of my work to be meditative and it allows my thoughts--both conscious and subconscious--to influence all my finished pieces.